Secret Garden Landscapes is HIGHLY recommended.  

Our situation was that we installed a large lawn without thinking about complementary trees, shrubs or other plants.

Laura came up with a plan that took into consideration our soil and our weather. She worked with us to create a list of plants, shrubs and trees that we can plant over time and as our budget allows. The list and plan had several options that we could choose from, has the flower and foliage color schemes that we wanted while also being mostly drought tolerant. 

Laura was very thorough, punctual and took care to listen and understand our specific landscaping needs.

We look forward to having her help us with other areas of our property in the future!


-Shirley, Moraga

So so thankful to have found Laura! We cannot recommend her highly enough. She created a custom design for our home, which included a front, side and backyard. She likes to do a walk through of your house to get a sense of your design aesthetic. She also likes to take pictures out of your windows so she can understand what you will see from inside the house. She will also ask questions around how you intend to use the space. (She even asked our kids!). 

She was great and incredibly thoughtful.  In passing we told her that we had just moved here from Italy ... and happened to mention that we didn't like fruit trees because we didn't want to have to clean up after them. She connected the dots and surprised us by putting in Fruitless Olive trees in the plans for our yard to remind us of our time there.  One of many places where she went above and beyond with her thoughtfulness. 

She responded to all of our feedback and her end product was fantastic!


-Ashley, Danville

Laura created a custom design for my backyard recently and I couldn't be happier. Her price fell within range of other designers. She came up with multiple concepts after interviewing me about what I envisioned for my yard. Her turnaround time was quick and she had no problems editing based on feedback I provided. Her ideas were creative and the final product she provided was clear and easy to follow.


- Myesha, Hercules

Secret Garden Landscapes created a custom landscape design that extended the architectural style of our home and matched our unique style and personality. We couldn't be happier with how our yard turned out. Our neighbors are all telling us how much they love it as well. Laura is a fabulous landscape designer! She made our front yard dream landscape a reality. We found her to be an excellent listener with great ideas, a very creative mind, and practical solutions to some of our yard's biggest challenges. Her eye for design is absolutely impeccable - she turned our yard of dirt into a beautiful masterpiece. She explained her process clearly, delivered on time and with great detail. She was extremely responsive, easy to work with and exceed our expectations throughout each step of the project. We have referred her to several friends and will be using her again for our backyard in the very near future.


-Jennifer, Moraga