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Landscape Designs


Every garden has specific needs so there are several options on how to recreate a garden that is uniquely yours. Whether you have a big landscape to redo or you have a small area, I can help.


When approaching how to save water in your landscape, it is important to look at the landscape as a whole. During an initial site visit or garden consultation, I feel that it is important that my clients understand their irrigation. Reducing site water requirements (plant choices), improving management practices and increasing irrigation system efficiencies are all vital to creating a water-wise, healthy, and sustainable landscape.

Master Landscape Plans

For those gardeners that need a complete overhaul of their yard, I can provide a detailed master plan that you can install all at once or in phases depending on your time and budget.

Partial Landscape Plans

For those gardeners that have a specific area in their yard that needs attention, I can provide a detailed design plan for that location only.

Garden Consulatation

Need a few ideas? For those customers that do not need a landscape plan but need to discuss a few options for their garden. I will meet with you at your garden on an hourly basis.

Project Oversight

I can provide project oversight during the installation of your garden. This is especially helpful for those not around during the day or for those that want to make sure their garden is installed correctly.

Garden Design Process

•    Initial Site Visit


The initial site visit will consist of a tour of your yard as well as a thorough discussion of your gardening style, wants/needs and the possibilities for your outdoor space.


•    Site Analysis

During the site analysis, I will note existing plants, sun/shade, soil type, elevation, slopes, views, and wind patterns. Measurements and photos will also be taken at this time. (The site analysis may occur at the same time as the initial site visit.)

•    Design Options Meeting

At the Design Meeting, you will have a chance to review landscape design options that I have prepared for you. These are working designs that we can discuss and change. During this visit, I will show you images of these design options to help you visualize the final design.

•    Final Design

Once we have met and discussed the different options for your landscape and you have chosen a final design, I will finalize the plan. The final master plan includes:



o    Final Landscape Plan - The landscape plan is an easy to read but detailed plan of your garden. It will show where the plants/materials are located throughout your garden.

o    Final Landscape Pictures - These are pictures of how your garden will look once installed and as it matures. These are similar to those shown to you during the Design Options Phase.

o    Planting Plan - The planting plan provides plant information for every plant listed on the plan.  

o    Material List -  A list of the quantities of the plant selections and building materials needed to complete your project will be provided.