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Houseplant Gift Guide: A Guide For Everyone on Your Holiday List

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Houseplants have definitely had a revival in today's society. Over the pandemic, countless homes added houseplants for the first time into their lives. These living art pieces evolve over time making them a wonderful gift to give to your loved ones. They will remind the recipient every day of how much you care about them. Since there are countless varieties of houseplants out there, it can get overwhelming for the novice houseplant owner. Therefore, we wanted to narrow the list down for you so you could choose just the right plant for everyone on your list.

Your Sweetheart

Philodendron (Philidendron spp.)

With it's heart-shaped leaves and spilling habit, it is the perfect choice for your sweetheart to remind them how much you love them every single day.

Your Sweetheart - Work Desk

ZZ Plant (Zamioculas zamiifolia)

This beautifully glossy plant with upright habit is the perfect choice for brightening up your spouse's desk. It needs little attention, low light (can handle artificial lighting) but regardless of the neglect it can handle, it will look polished and perfect on your significant others desk and remind them you love them.

College-Aged Kids

Snake Plant (Sansevieria spp.)

This seaweed looking plant has a modern vibe and is practically indestructible making it perfect for any college-aged or early 20s child who you may not trust to be able to take care of anyone but themselves. ;) Can handle low light, little water, being ignored and still look good. This makes it a great way to add life to any college dorm room.

School-Aged Kids

Pothos (Epipremnum aureum)

These low care plants can have a spilling habit or an upright habit. Pothos can handle kids taking "care" of them as they are forgiving of extra care (a plus for little kids who love to water). At times these can be forgotten on the shelf but when kids re-notice them, they will have changed in their look making for a fun lesson in how things grow.


Fiddle-leaf fig (Ficus lyrata)

This plant has become a favorite of interior designers. These are not cheap plants and also not the easiest to take care of but with their "designer vibe" makes them the perfect plant to impress your sister or girlfriend.


Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra elatior)

Indicative of their name, these plants are tough-as-nails but add a pretty green element to any room. They can handle low light and only need water after the soil has dried out. A great choice for any bachelor in your life.

Your Parents/Grandparents

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum spp.)

Peace lilies have showy white flowers and shiny leaves. It's soil likes to stay moist so some care will be needed to maintain the soil moisture. It loves bright indirect light but can handle medium to low light conditions. When it blooms, it will remind your parents of your love for them.

Disclaimer - Some houseplant varieties are toxic to pets if eaten. Confirm your loved one's situation before choosing the right plant for them.

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