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Non-Profit Spotlight: Hungry Owl Project

I recently learned about the Hungry Owl Project from an industry email I received. As an owl lover, I am always interested to learn how I can help the owl populations and I really liked the idea of the hungry owl project. The goal of this project is to reduce the need for harmful pesticides and rodenticides by encouraging natural predators. Owls can eat large numbers of rats making the need for these harmful toxins unnecessary in a landscape. This is a win-win for other wildlife creatures that could get harmed by the toxins as well. Natural predation is a much more sustainable and healthier way to keep an ecosystem healthy.

The Hungry Owl Project provides habitat for owls and that means adding in owl boxes onto new properties. Owls do not make their own nests but instead use the vacated nests of other birds. Therefore, adding in new owl boxes (as natural owl habitat diminishes) can help increase the population of owls. Check out The Hungry Owl Project website on how you can help, learn more about owl boxes, and how you can add a box to your property.

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