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We’re a small team who are obsessed with helping you get the most out of your garden

Since 2013, Secret Garden Landscapes has served countless homeowners and transformed 300+ yards. Our work has garnered recognition in publications like Forbes Home, House Beautiful, and the Wall Street Journal. With time, our team has grown, enhancing our capabilities to serve a broader clientele.

Our team boasts expertise in plant health, landscape design, and project management. Laura has fostered robust partnerships with contractors, allowing us to provide end-to-end services, from garden consultations to high-end designs through installation, and now we are excited to be bringing you a unique Outdoor Care Concierge Service.

Award-winning Landscape Designer, Laura Osteen, grew up appreciating the outdoor landscape at an early age, spending many hours in the garden, digging in the dirt, planting flowers, and hiking the surrounding hills. Growing up in the SF East Bay, she understands the unique conditions here – like the wet winters, dry summers and the amazingly diverse plant palette that thrives in our Mediterranean climate.


Laura brings a multidisciplinary background to landscape design and maintenance, equipping her with the skills to combine sustainability, function, and aesthetics in Secret Garden Landscapes’ work. Not to mention, the passion, creativity, and empathy Laura brings to help homeowners create a yard that harmonizes their personal style, lifestyle preferences, and distinct way of connecting with nature. Laura has spent decades honing her craft and continues to expand her skillset.


Outside of work, Laura enjoys exploring the great outdoors with her husband and three children (12, 14, and 16) in the San Francisco Bay Area. She loves hiking, biking, and discovery to strengthen her family’s connection to the natural world.

Owner - Laura Osteen
Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper Certified
American Green ZOne Alliance Certified Service Provider
EPA Watersence
Rescape Certified
APLD Member
California Native Plant Member

“Laura went above and beyond with her thoughtfulness”

“So, so thankful to have found Laura! We cannot recommend her highly enough. She created a custom design for our home. In passing we told her that we had just moved here from Italy and happened to mention that we didn't like fruit trees. She connected the dots and surprised us by putting in Fruitless Olive trees in the plans for our yard to remind us of our time there. One of many places where she went above and beyond with her thoughtfulness.”

– Ashley G, Danville, CA

What we believe in at Secret Garden Landscapes

We believe that you deserve to have a garden that feels like a sanctuary, not a stress. Somewhere you’re proud to show off.

We believe in connecting with and working with nature by thinking about water and energy efficiency in our designs.

We believe in sustainability and we design gardens, use space and recommend plants that will work with your specific garden environment and climate.


We believe in being stewards of the environment. We think that by creating beautiful, relaxing and fun outdoor spaces for your family, you will encourage your kids to love nature.


We believe in functionality over frivolity and we will always suggest practical advice to help you get the most out of your outdoor space without compromising on design.

I love bees! Yep! I do, I really really

Get inspired by some of our previous projects

Discover our holistic approach to creating and maintaining the garden of your dreams and see the transformations that are possible when you trust Secret Garden Landscapes to revamp your yard.

Dreamy Garden
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