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Landscape Designer Laura Osteen grew up appreciating the outdoor landscape at an early age spending many hours in the garden, digging in the dirt, planting flowers, and hiking the surrounding hills. Growing up in the East Bay, she understands the unique conditions here  - the wet winter and dry summers and the amazingly diverse plant palette that thrives in our Mediterranean climate.


Laura brings her unique background in environmental science to design landscapes that work well in the local landscape while emphasizing sustainable and water/energy efficient practices. Her clients are often surprised at how much more lively and beautiful their gardens are using plants that flourish in our climate. Laura enjoys working side by side with her clients to make each design fit her client's personal style and their unique way of connecting with nature. 


When not designing, Laura enjoys hiking, biking and exploring with her husband and three kids (8, 10, & 12 years old) in the San Francisco Bay Area.