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Landscape Designer Laura Osteen grew up appreciating the outdoor landscape at an early age spending many hours in the garden, digging in the dirt, planting flowers, and hiking the surrounding hills. Growing up in Moraga, she understands the unique conditions here - the wet winter and dry summers and the amazingly diverse plant palette that thrives in our Mediterranean climate.


Her passion for nature continued to grow and drew her to a college degree that focused on biology, chemistry, and earth sciences. She then furthered her education and earned a Master's of Science in Environmental Management focusing on ecology, water/soil quality, sustainable practices and habitat restoration. After completing her masters, Laura worked as an Environmental Scientist specializing in brownfield remediation, site habitat restoration, and EPA grant writing.


Laura has continued to take horticulture classes and founded Secret Garden Plant Nursery & Landscapes. Her nursery focused on plants that thrive in the local habitat as well as edibles. All the plants were either grown from seed or propagated at her local greenhouse. For many years she sold plants at local farmers markets. Laura enjoyed growing plants and in the process found that her true passion was landscape design.


Laura is a certified Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper. Her training included water management to reduce run-off , overspray and soil erosion; efficient irrigation system design; soil amendments and mulch; water wise plant selection and the latest technologies in landscape irrigation.


Laura brings her unique background in environmental science to design landscapes that work well in the local landscape while emphasizing sustainable and water/energy efficient practices. Her clients are often surprised at how much more lively and beautiful their gardens are using plants that flourish in our climate. Laura enjoys working side by side with her clients to make each design fit her client's personal style and their unique way of connecting with nature.