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Introducing A New Way To Care For Your Outdoor Space 

Maintaining your outdoor space can be quite the chore. 

From mowing, blowing, weeding, trimming, pruning to irrigation repairs alone need constant upkeep. It takes physical labor to do it yourself or the hassle of coordinating and scheduling all the different people, like your gardener, arborist, painters for help or touch ups.

With our help, you don’t have to do this yourself anymore.

Secret Garden Landscapes is excited to introduce an Outdoor Care Concierge Service designed to help you proactively maintain beautiful, functional, and ecological-friendly outdoor spaces. So that you can enjoy your outdoor space and boost property value with ease, consistency, and convenience. Inquire now to secure your spot!

Not Your Average Mow and Blow

Outdoor Care Concierge Service will not only help you with routine landscaping care, we can take care of other outdoor needs for you too. 

For example, we can wash and clean your outdoor furniture, or connect and coordinate with painters, arborists, roofers, and more outdoor professional services for you. 

So that you can:

  • Enjoy and use your outdoor space. We’ll help you keep up a fresh, lively, and functional outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy together, where you can proudly host gatherings, and spend quality time with the people you love. 

  • Continually boost curb appeal and spruce up your space. We’ll proactively recommend areas to focus on and use sustainable landscape care techniques to help you stay ahead so that you can maintain a safe, and beautiful space. We also have easy two-way communication via our client portal so that you can request specific areas you might notice or want help with. 

  • Create a safer space for you, your kids, or pets to spend time in. We use all electric equipment, non-toxic products, and will help stay up to firescaping codes and remove weeds to keep your space safe. 

  • Contribute to a healthier ecosystem. Employing solely electric tools and eco-friendly products, we maintain your yard, aiding in fostering a sustainable environment.

Essentials Maintenance & Concierge Offerings
Maintain Your Garden

Convenient and Ecologically-Friendly Experience 

We’ll come out to your outdoor space for routine care on a weekly or every other week basis, depending on what fits your needs best. 

Our services offer: 

  • Organization, transparency, and convenience: Accessible through a mobile client portal, receive reminders prior to your scheduled service and view post-service pictures for peace of mind. Stay connected effortlessly for any queries or coordination needs.

  • Environmentally conscious practices: Embrace a greener approach with electric equipment and non-toxic materials, bidding farewell to harmful products. Not only does this benefit your property, but it also contributes to a healthier, sustainable ecosystem.

  • Taken care of by knowledgeable outdoor care specialists. Our outdoor care specialists aim to be great stewards of the land, we continuously get training to keep up with sustainable landscaping practices so we can use the right techniques to nurture your yard and the environment with care.

AGZA American Green Zone Alliance Certified Service Pro

Service is available on a weekly or every other week (2x a month) or monthly basis and we can help you choose the right plan, depending on your needs: 


Proactive care to help continually spruce up outdoor space and maintain a more joyful, functional, and safer yard by specialists, so your family can enjoy your space without hassle or stress.

✔ Dedicated Maintenance Crew

✔ Routine service reminders, before and after pictures 

✔ Electric Mow and Blow

✔ Routine Trimming and Pruning

✔ Weeding Focal Points

✔ Seasonal Organic Fertilization

✔ Maintain Firescaping Requirements

✔ Spring Irrigation Test 

✔ Outdoor Kitchen or BBQ Seasonal Prep 

✔ Monthly Front Door De-webbing

✔ Kitchen Garden Clean Up 

✔ Coordinate Plant Refresh

✔ Outdoor Furniture Spring/Fall Prep 

✔ Connect and coordinate with other outdoor service providers (painters, arborists, roofers etc.)


✔ Access to discounted add-on services including: Pottery Refreshes, Kitchen Garden Planning/Planting, Weed Whip Services, Re-mulching/Mulching, Annual Planting/Clean up, Outdoor Furniture Moving, Outdoor Lighting Upkeep, Christmas Light Setup/Takedown, and more. 

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Eco-friendly Maintenance
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