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Best Pollinator Flowers to Add to Your Garden

Do you want your yard to be bustling with pollinator activity this season? If so, plan now for the flowers you will grow to make sure your garden comes to life this Spring. Not only will you attract beneficial pollinators to your garden but you will have so many colorful flowers bursting out in your garden.

Best plants for bees:

Bees like blue, purple, yellow and white flowers with a place for them to land. Some great options for your garden include: bee balm, black-eyed susan, coneflowers, penstemon, salvia & sunflowers.

Best plants for butterflies:

Butterflies prefer flat flowers to land on and love vivid colors. Adding azaleas, butterfly bushes, CA lilacs, coneflowers, cosmos, dianthus, milkweed, and/or zinnias will attract butterflies to your garden.

Best plants for hummingbirds:

Hummingbirds like bright colored flowers that are tubular or brush shaped. To attract hummingbirds, add butterfly bush, fuchsia, lantana, lavender, penstemon, salvia and/or yarrow.

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