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Can You Spot the Watering Problem(s)?

It was 10am on a hot June day when I came upon this scene of a front lawn being watered. It immediately frustrated me but I moved on. Since this house is located on a route I often take, I kept coming upon this scene and it continued to bother me. Then when I really took a look around, this scene is happening all over the place in suburban yards. I know that this is happening because the homeowners don't actually know what is wrong with this scene.

So what is wrong with this picture? Can you guess? Or do you already know?

  1. Misting - More efficient irrigation exists that limits misting (aka water loss)

  2. Runoff - The walkways are drenched in water…what a waste.

  3. Timing - 10am is not the time to water your yard in the month of June. Water early am in a cycle and soak fashion.

  4. Irrigation Location - Umm that bush is blocking the spray and therefore totally inefficient. Those shrubs probably don't even need irrigation since the lawn irrigation will run downhill anyways.

  5. Plant Choice - Why is there lawn in the front yard? No kids ever play here since it is on a corner and due to the slope not easily played on.

So many ways to save water start with rethinking how we are using water on our properties.

Taking an opportunity to really LOOK at your property and how you are using your water is very important. I know for example that this yard was installed by a contractor but obviously the homeowners were not informed of HOW they should be irrigating their landscape. It is important to understand this. That although you use a contractor, they will not necessarily inform you how to maintain your landscape. I totally know that these homeowners don't mean to water at the wrong time but they just didn't know.

So if you get a chance, take a look at your yard with a different eye. With the eyes of water conservation in mind.

We are all in this together!

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