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Holiday Gift Guide for Gardeners

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

With the holidays fast approaching you are probably starting to think of the gifts you will get your family and friends this year. For those of you wanting to get something for a gardener, I have compiled a list of gifts that any gardener would enjoy. Gifts range from $ ($25) to $$$$ (over $100).

$ Garden Tools

If you want to give some good gardening tools, make sure to buy some quality products. Us gardeners are very particular when it comes to the tools we use. Don't be tempted by some Target/Walmart/Homegoods nippers you see as they may look pretty but won't last. Instead go for the options listed here as they are high quality and get the job done right. Fiskers Steel Pruning Shears, Fiskers Multi-purpose snips, Fiskers Pruning Soft touch Micro-Tip,

$-$$ Birdhouses &/or Mason Bee Houses

Adding in birdhouses and/or mason bee houses can add interest to any garden. Both birdhouses and mason bee houses come as kits (ones you can decorate yourself) or houses that are already decorated. There is a DIY birdhouse like this one or you can buy one already decorated like this one. A great mason bee kit can be found at WeeBeeHouse or a fully decorated pollinator hotel can be found on Etsy like this one.

There are so many beautiful options like this beautiful glass one or a mason jar one with copper accents like this one. These elegant feeders can add a sparkle to any garden and add entertainment if placed outside a window.

$ Hand Creams

Regardless of how often you wear gloves in the garden, gardeners are notorious for needing hand lotion. It is just a hazard of the hobby I guess. ;) Some of my favorite hand creams are Kiehl Ultimate Strength Hand Salve Lotion, Burt's Bees Hand Lotion, and Eucerin Intensive Repair Lotion. These can be great stocking stuffers or you can add it to a gift bag/basket you put together (see last gift option).

$-$$$$ Gift Card to Nursery/Eatery near your favorite nursery

Getting your garden lover a gift card to their favorite nearby plant nursery and eatery will allow them to really enjoy exploring the garden center. Yes, us garden lovers love to walk through any plant nursery. It is our time to dream about what to add into our gardens and lets our minds run wild with ideas. To make it a special event, adding in a gift card to a nearby eatery will allow your gardener to truly have a special day.

$$ Yeti Tumblers

Whether your gardener loves to be in their garden morning, noon or night, a yeti tumbler can always be used. They are great at keeping coffee hot while you get distracted pulling weeds or keep a cold glass of water cold for hours in the afternoon as you enjoy your garden in the afternoon sun.

These hand made plant holders can add garden charm indoors. They are handmade in Southern California and will add a attractive focal point in any home.

Unique yard art is always fun to add whimsy to any garden. As a bird lover myself, I love that there is a wide variety of bird options to choose from. The metal birds are easy to install (just hammer them in), and add something truly special.

Momma Pots is a boutique pottery maker that specializes in geometric designs. All their pots are handmade and they sell them in stores throughout California. These pots are truly statement pieces and Momma Pots is constantly adding in new designs so you can really find something that fits your gardeners' style.

This is one large book by Bob Perry. I personally have taken the paper cover off of this book to make it look much more elegant as the cover it comes with is pretty bland compared to the information inside. The pages of this book are filled with tons of information for all the plants that can grow in California. Colorful plant pictures fill practically every page of this book making it great eye candy for any plant lover. Yes it is a bulky book but boy is it worth it.

These bright and colorful structures can add a great POP of color to any garden. They may be on the more expensive side but they are basically large pieces of art for your garden so they can be worth it to some people. All of the trellis' come in a variety of colors and styles so you can have fun picking a combination that would work in your gardeners' garden. Or if you are not sure, you can make a gift card for them for Terra Trellis and let them pick what they would want.

$-$$$$ Garden Gift Bag/Basket

Don't buy a cheap gardener gift bag/basket from somewhere. They will look pretty but won't include quality materials. Instead have some fun and make your own. You can use something like this wicker basket, to put a mix of fun garden items in. Look at the list above to create a bag/basket specially curated for your favorite gardener.

Hopefully this gives you some unique gifts to get your garden lover. Happy Holidays!

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