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Materials for Seed Starting #littlethings_challenge

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

We are in such a crazy time right now with us all staying at home but to add some joy to your life #littlethings_challenge think about starting some seeds from home. However now that you are stuck at home where in the world will you get your supplies. First off look around your yard, garage, shed etc. I bet you will find more materials than you think. (At the end I will reference places to buy online if needed).

1) Containers – These can be anything. Egg cartons, old pots, baking container, a mug etc. You can really use anything for the containers. I do like using biodegradable containers because they are easy to transplant but honestly don’t worry about it. You can really use anything and just pay attention to the soil so that your plants are getting enough water.

2) Soil – You may have soil lying around from old pots. I am sure you have received a beautiful flower from a friend for your birthday or some other occasion long ago and when it died you tucked the container off somewhere. Now is the time to reuse that soil! You can also just use regular “dirt” from your yard. If using regular “dirt” you should mush it up so that there are no big chunks and that it is more fine. Regular soil will not maintain the soil moisture as well but as long as you watch it don’t worry you will be ok!

3) Labels – You can use tape, popsicle sticks, write on the container with a sharpie. Anything! Just make sure to label so you know which seeds are which because the eventual space each plant will need is different.

4) Seed Time – You can order online or hit up a friend or neighbor. NOTE: If in your rummaging you find some old seeds you can still use them but the germination percentage (how many seeds will sprout) goes down as they get older. Although this could be a fun experiment so give it a try. If ordering new try to get organic seeds if possible (I won’t get into the details of all this now) they are grown in a way that focuses on the soil and plant health.

Buying Materials: Your local hardware store may deliver, Amazon, Johnny’s select seeds, Burpee Seeds, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Seed Saver Exchange, Seeds of Change, & Annie’s Annuals (they don’t have seeds but can ship live plants from their inventory)

Check out my video in my IGTV or on Youtube

For tips on growing your plants from seed. Also please free to DM or message me with any questions.

Most Importantly HAVE FUN!!

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