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Modern Curb Appeal

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Before: My clients had spent a few years totally remodeling the inside of their home to match their modern aesthetic. Inside you will find clean lines, blue tones, and beautiful modern decor. However, the front yard looked nothing like the inside and my clients were feeling stuck on what to do. They desperately wanted to be able to come home to some enviable curb appeal.

Design: My clients wanted a relatively low maintenance front yard. In addition, they wanted to add an additional pull-out parking spot so this had to be incorporated in the design. In inspecting the front yard, the front steps and walkway were in great shape. They had only been done a few years prior and the clean style of them would make them easy to play off of in the design. We also kept the redwood trees at the front of the property. The redwoods were healthy and matched 3 larger redwood trees in the backyard. They were also my clients favorite trees so thankfully they were able to stay.

To achieve a modern front yard, I played off of the modern aesthetic. Horizontal fences, planters and retaining walls were to used to create a structured yet cohesive look to the front. These horizontal elements also play off of the house siding creating a unified look. A blue/gray toned paver was used to blend in with the current front walk.

To give the front dimension, a front central fruitless olive tree was added to the middle of the yard. In addition, to give privacy to the front center window, a planter with horsetail was included to not only to add privacy but also to allow light through. Mass plantings of lomandra grasses were added in a structural pattern to soften the front yard while also giving year-round curb appeal. Pops of structural plants such as Red Hot Poker (Kniphofia spp.), Kangaroo Paw (Angiozanthos spp.) and agave finish off the design.

After: My clients are loving this front yard and tell me they get compliments on it all the time (yes, I am blushing now). I loved creating this yard for them that really matches their design style and gives them the modern curb appeal they wanted.

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