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Outdoor Décor Tips & Tricks

Secret Garden Landscapes is all about getting people outside to enjoy their yard. Regardless of whether you can do a full redesign right now or not, outdoor styling can be a quick and easy fix to make your yard more cozy and inviting. Here are some tips and tricks to get your yard hang-out ready by summer.

Pare Down

I have been to countless yards where people have SO much stuff. If you have furniture you don’t like or is not comfortable, empty pottery, or just random things in your yard why are you keeping it? Why? All these items are cluttering up your yard and making your yard feel uncomfortable to be in. Now is the time to get rid of these items. Sell them on Craigslist, post them for free on Facebook or recycle them. Pare down so you can start feeling more at peace in your outdoor spaces.

Choose Furniture Wisely

It is important to think about what type of furniture you want to use when you are in your yard. How do you want to lounge around? How do you want to host? Thinking about how you want to use the yard will help you select furniture that will fit your lifestyle.

Once you determine what type of furniture you want, make sure to select timeless, high-quality furniture that will last. Outdoor site conditions can be harsh on outdoor furnishings, so it is important to select accordingly. When you go cheap, these items end up in the dump within a few years (such a waste).

Update Lighting

Nothing adds ambiance like lighting. Lighting helps invite you into these spaces during those warm summer nights. However, just like furniture, it is important to invest in higher quality lighting that will last in the harsh outdoor conditions. In addition, spend some time each year, cleaning and servicing these items to ensure they last a long time.

Cozy up the Space with Pillows, Rugs & Blankets

Pillows, rugs and blankets can add the warmth, color and style to your yard. These are items that must be brought in during the winter months. Taking the time to wash and cover them throughout the year will help these items last longer in outdoor settings.

Pillows and blankets are a great way to quickly change the style of your outdoor space. For pillows, select outdoor pillow inserts but you can always use indoor pillow covers if you want to change up the style. This is also the case with blankets. Blankets can easily be indoor blankets and just wash them when needed. Storing them outside in a storage ottoman can keep them handy on cool nights.

Rugs are a great way to define outdoor spaces. Unfortunately, rugs are an element that doesn't always last real well outside. Before you buy a rug, decide where it will be stored over winter as they can be an awkward shape when rolled up. Also choose rug varieties that are either made of recycled plastic or jute material since they can withstand the elements better.

Add Pottery

Adding pottery around seating areas can help cozy up a space. I recommend choosing plants that are evergreen so that year-round there is something green in your pots. Small spiller plants like calibrachoa can be added to these pots to add seasonal interest and color.

When deciding to use pottery in your design, choose carefully. Don't overdo it on pottery as it can make the space quickly feel messy and unmanageable. Either use one large pot or a group of 3 pots in various sizes. For the pots you use, make sure they have either drip irrigation to the them or if not, choose plants like succulents that won't need to be watered much. If you have to hand water, be realistic with yourself on whether you will remember.

Sprinkle in Some Whimsy

Sprinkling in whimsy is a great way to add character and interest to any yard. For example, you could add your kid's painted rocks, a fairy garden, wind chimes, bird houses, or a rain chain. Adding something unique into your yard will personalize the space. So have fun. Remember to not overdo it though. Adding anywhere from 3-5 pieces total will be plenty.

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