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Revamping Curb Appeal: A Suburban Ranch Transformation

Enhancing the value of your home begins with creating an appealing exterior. Initially lacking vibrancy, our client's residence underwent a remarkable transformation. Through the revitalization of the front landscape, hardscape, and a fresh coat of paint, their property has been turned into a welcoming and inviting home.

Before: Our client's home was lackluster with a failing retaining wall, sad lawn, and basic green plantings. Our clients wanted to be welcomed home with a beautiful landscape that screamed "curb appeal". Some of their wants were to widen the driveway, have more colorful plantings, new walkways, and a new landing material.



Design: To amp up the curb appeal, our initial focus was on the existing hardscape layout. With the yard's natural slope, our clients desired a more level upper area. Our solution involved introducing a paver retaining wall, not only leveling the yard but also adding dimension to the property. The choice of a complementary paver for walkways and the driveway further enhanced the overall aesthetic.

When tackling the front landing, our aim was to make it special and complement the front door. Opting to keep costs down and preserve the existing concrete, which was in good condition, we used a thin porcelain tile. This not only added warmth and texture but also brought a unique touch to the space, all while avoiding any interference with the building's foundation.

For a refreshed house color, we selected a creamy white accent shade and a taupe with more grey undertones to harmonize with the landscape tones. The addition of lattice above the garage door introduced an interesting visual element to the front. We also added styling elements such as new lighting (path/uplighting) and a new mailbox to complement the overall style.

Completing the design, we incorporated vibrant plantings and structural elements. Chinese pistache (Pistacia chinensis) trees were strategically placed on either side of the walkway, providing balance to the front yard. The choice of evergreen plants as a base ensures a year-round appealing look, while the addition of perennial plantings brings seasonal interest to the forefront. This comprehensive approach has resulted in a transformed and inviting suburban ranch.

After: Our clients are overjoyed with the final outcome. The front now boasts year-round curb appeal. We relish the opportunity to re-imagine front yards, making them not only more drought-tolerant (no more lawn) but also enhancing the resale value of our clients' homes. If you need help, re-imagining your front space, please reach out to us, we would love to help.

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