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Top 6 Reasons to Rethink your Unused Front Lawn

Have you been thinking about removing your front lawn? Does anyone in your family actually play on that front lawn? If not, it is time to rethink keeping it. Here are the top 6 reasons to rethink your unused front lawn.

Enhance your home's curb appeal by adding more interest with a variety of plant colors and textures.

Lawn is very basic and is used everywhere. Wouldn't you want to have a more unique yard with colorful plantings that really make your curb appeal POP.

Save water = Save $

Sadly, lawn watering accounts for up to 60% in the west of all water used in the summer months. Whereas most drought tolerant/native plants will only need to use anywhere between 15-60% of that water to keep them in a healthy condition (percentage depends on types of plants chosen). Therefore, by just removing your lawn, you will save a ton of money on water since you won't need nearly as much.

Reduce your impact on the environment (less pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers needed)

Choosing plants that are meant to be in a location or have been determined to work within the site conditions will mean that they will not need as much outside input (i.e. fertilizers etc.). This also means that less of these types of chemicals will go into our water resources when they otherwise would have inevitably runoff into our storm drains.

Create a habitat for beneficial insects

Lawns don't provide much habitat for any insects whereas plants can provide food and shelter for our native wildlife. Your yard can truly come alive with activity when you make the switch to a more lush, colorful landscape.

Lower Maintenance

Yep! This is a big one. A more thoughtful yard will need less maintenance than a traditional lawn. Needless to say, you not only save money on resources but also on maintenance.

Reduce your carbon footprint (native plants take more carbon out of the air due to their extensive root system and their greater ability to store water.)

Amazingly you can make such a positive impact on your carbon footprint by getting rid of your lawn so why wouldn't you.

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