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Top Plants to Grow in Pottery

Adding pottery into your garden can be a fun way to add color, texture, and style. With so many pottery options to choose from, you can add year-round interest and choose a pot that fits your unique style. I usually always try to ensure that pots added into the garden have designated irrigation as no one, including me, wants to hand water.

Here are my favorite plants to plant in pottery.


Herbs such as basil, oregano and mint are among the best plants to add into pottery. Herbs are semi-evergreen so some years they will over-winter while other years they may not last through the winter very well. Although if you cut them back, they will come back. Adding herbs in pottery helps contain them so they don't spread but also can help you include these closer to your BBQ so that you actually use them.


Succulents are great structural plants and are great in tabletop planters or in a pottery grouping. They are easy to care for (minimal water needed) but often need some protection from frost in our climate zone so having them in pots can allow you to place them closer to the house to give them this much needed protection. For succulents, it is important to ensure the soil is well draining so that during the winter months of rain or hooked up to drip irrigation, these plants don't get waterlogged.

Small Trees

Citrus and dwarf olive trees can be a great option for adding some height into a garden. Since these are both evergreen trees you will get year-round interest. The benefit of a citrus tree is that you will also get some fruit. For both of these varieties, choose a large pot so that these trees' roots can grow.


Strawberries are one of my favorite fruits in my garden. I love that my kids always pick the berries before I can get to them. I actually really do since it means they are exploring in the garden and eating things that are growing right in their backyard. Since strawberries are smaller plants, they work well in pots. I also love when the berries spill over the planter.


Cherry tomatoes are another of my kids' favorite things to eat in the garden. I add lots of larger tomato varieties in my garden beds, but I like to sprinkle in additional cherry tomato varieties into pottery in my garden so that my kids pop them in their mouth as they play outside. Cherry tomatoes also work great in hanging baskets in the garden. Supersweet 100 tomatoes are a great choice for prolific fruit that work well in a hanging or traditional pot.


We have lots of clients who love gardening, but don't have a lot of time. A great way to add some gardening into your life with little work is by having a few pots that you switch annual flowers in/out from. This can allow you to do some gardening with little effort. Annuals are also great since you can have fun with them each season. There are so many colorful and unique annual flowers that every year can be different.

Happy Gardening!

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