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Kid's Corner: Building a Terrarium

Over winter break, the kids and I decided to make some terrariums for their rooms. They, of course, already have indoor plants in their rooms (I mean, I am their Mom so my love of plants extends everywhere in our house!). I think the neat part about terrariums is that they are their own mini gardens. When you look at them they seem to be in their own little forested fantasy world which is especially fun for kids.

What Do You Need

  • Glass Container

  • Rocks/Drainage Material

  • Activated Charcoal (optional...this was sold out everywhere I called)

  • Soil

  • Moss (optional)

  • Plants

  • Decorative Rocks (optional)

  • Decorative Pieces (Legos, fairy garden items etc.)


  1. Glass container - You can either buy a glass container or you may even have hurricane glass containers lying around. Make sure it is clean before using.

  2. Fill the bottom few inches of the glass container with rocks. You need to make sure you have enough rocks so that their is enough drainage for the container. You could also put activated charcoal on top of this layer which can help purify the water and reduce smells/bacteria growth if you are able to get it although it is not necessary.

  3. Next up is soil. Fill the container up with several inches of fresh potting soil. This soil helps retain moisture so it is a perfect choice for terrariums.

  4. Plants - Choose plants that have the same water needs. You can choose either succulents or you can pick more lush plants. We chose to make a more forested terrarium so the plants we chose were Selaginella 'Frosty', Rabbits Foot Fern Davallia and Polka Dot Hypoestes.

  5. Add decorative pieces. My kids added Legos, small animals and fairy garden pieces to their terrariums to create miniature worlds.

  6. Top off with decorative small rocks &/or moss to complete your terrarium.


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