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Non-profit Highlight: California Native Grasslands Association

The California Native Grasslands Association (CNGA) is a leader in promoting, preserving and restoring the diversity of California's native grasses and grassland ecosystems. Grasslands are the most altered ecosystem in California since these areas are the most easily usable for human expansion. It is estimated that 99% of native California grasslands have been altered. These native uninterrupted lands have been converted into vineyards, orchards, agriculture, residential and commercial developments. In addition, these ecosystems have been impacted by dams, levee's and exotic species who have out competed native plants/animals.

California native grasslands provide habitat for 40% of the state's native plant species. In addition, grasslands provide habitat for birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, pollinators and other animals who depend on the resources these plants and spaces provide. Unfortunately, numerous grassland species are listed on the Endangered Species Act including 6 butterfly species. CNGA aims to raise awareness for grasslands, restore these spaces, and get these critical ecosystems protected. To help the California Native Grasslands Association continue their valuable work you can donate here.

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