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Modern Oasis Unveiled: A Captivating Backyard Transformation

When I initially met with clients for a garden consultation, I always enjoy envisioning the potential transformation of a space.This specific yard, being a complete blank canvas, was particularly enticing for me. Designing and bringing to life a plan that fully met the needs of our clients was not only exciting but also deeply satisfying.

Before: While strolling through the yard with the clients for the first time, they shared that they rarely spent time outdoors. The existing furniture was uncomfortable, and there was a lack of inviting spaces. Witnessing the untapped potential of the yard saddened me. The clients expressed their desire for a welcoming space to enjoy with family and friends, offering privacy, gardening opportunities, a kitchen, and a sense of expansiveness. They even hoped to find a spot for their favorite Frisbee golf game, presenting a challenge that I eagerly embraced.

Design: Ensuring privacy and a sense of openness were key priorities for this outdoor space transformation. Achieving this required streamlining the plantings on the back hill to preserve views of the distant hills and establishing privacy from the neighboring property. We cleared brush and sapling trees, replacing them with deep-rooted shrubs that not only enhanced the hill's aesthetics but also protected the integrity of the hill. To create a barrier from the neighbor, we constructed a horizontal fence with an upper lattice section above the BBQ area. Opting for a unified look, we painted the new section of the fence and the existing lower fence in black, not only enhancing cohesion but also offering a cost-effective solution for our clients.

With a solid foundation in place, our focus shifted to optimizing the space. Recognizing the limitations of the existing oddly shaped deck, especially for a family with two active kids, we collaborated with our clients to understand their preferences and needs. Exploring their entertaining habits and identifying crucial elements for the backyard, we concluded that pavers would be the ideal choice for the hardscape. Pavers not only offer a comfortable surface for bare feet but also provide flexibility for potential soil movement, allowing for easy re-leveling if necessary. Simultaneously designing the space and specifying the exact furniture and styling ensured that the hardscape perfectly complemented the dimensions of the entertaining area.

After finalizing the hardscape, our focus shifted to adding a softer touch to the rest of the yard. Considering our clients' desire for garden beds and a designated area for frisbee golf, we faced a challenge with the presence of a large oak tree on the side. While preserving the tree's beauty was crucial, it imposed constraints on the materials we could use beneath it. Real grass was not a viable option due to both the limited sunlight and the oak leaf droppings, which could harm the grass over time. As a solution, we opted for synthetic turf, ensuring a resilient and maintenance-friendly surface. The advantage of this location was the consistent shade, preventing overheating of the turf and ensuring a playable and enjoyable space.

To complete the transformation, we introduced a straightforward yet efficient outdoor BBQ, sink, and drawers. Understanding our clients' desire to cook outdoors without exceeding their budget, we opted for a clean and modern kitchen style that seamlessly complements the overall outdoor aesthetic.

Furthermore, we enriched the space with a planting palette featuring our clients' favorite colors—red, orange, and yellow. We introduced new furniture and incorporated various styling elements to enhance the coziness and inviting atmosphere of the entire area.

After: The makeover of this backyard brought immense joy. Witnessing the vision in my mind materialize into reality is always incredibly satisfying. I appreciated that my clients embraced my ideas, and it brings me great delight to know that they now frequently utilize the space. By incorporating elements of privacy, expansiveness, and serenity, we successfully transformed their yard into a true extension of their home.

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