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Recipe of a Great Design

When we meet with clients, we delve into their needs, wants, and must haves. Understanding our client's lifestyle, family and interests helps us at Secret Garden Landscapes create outdoor spaces that will be well used for years to come. For us, a great landscape design comes down to 3 important elements: layout, plants, and styling. All these elements are equally important in making a beautiful, sustainable, and cohesive outdoor space come together.


So, what is layout and why is it important? Layout is how the yard flows and how the different areas of a yard are connected to each other. We want to ensure that we balance hardscape (patios, decks, pathways etc.) with softscape (planting zones) areas. Our goal for these new outdoor spaces is to have a balance of function and lushness. In addition, we also take into consideration every member of the family when designing the yard. We think about how each member of the family will use the outdoor space and consider how their use will evolve over time. Children grow up so it is important to figure out how the yard will grow with them.


Using plants that are not only suitable for the site conditions, provide wildlife habitat and match our client's aesthetic is an important element in the overall design. In our post, "How Thoughtful Landscape Designs Lead to More Impactful Environmental Benefits", we detail out how important plant selection is for not only achieving beautiful outdoor spaces but also the positive environmental benefits plant selection can have on a site.


The redesign of a yard does not end when the hardscape and plantings come in. Instead, the yard really gets pulled together by the outdoor styling. Elements such as furniture, lighting, rugs, fire pits, and shade are just a few of the elements to consider when redesigning your yard. It is so much easier to design a patio bigger in the planning stages then find out afterwards that the large couch you really wanted doesn't fit in your new space. Therefore, styling must be considered throughout the design process to achieve a cohesive design that is perfect for you. Read our Outdoor Decor Tips & Tricks post for inspiration.

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