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California Casual Backyard Transformation

When I visit a client's yard for the first time, I always get excited about the potential of the outdoor space. So many ideas swirl in my head but it starts becoming a full picture once I work with my clients and get to know them. I love delving into their wants,needs and style. That is when it really starts getting fun. For this project, my client had beautifully remodeled the inside of her home. Being an interior designer, she had impeccable taste and everything inside was designed in a modern California casual style. Her house was comfy, serene, and curated with a laid back coastal vibe. It was a home that you want to come over for a visit and feel so comfortable to hang out all afternoon and into the evening.

Before: The backyard was going to need an overhaul to match the inside. Initially the yard was uninspiring with nowhere to entertain. The kids somewhat used the yard but the sloping grass made it hard to play on. There was also an oddly shaped deck that due to its shape and size did not fit furniture well. In addition, the fence bordering the neighbor was low and as much as everyone loves their neighbors you don't necessarily want to wave to them every time you walk outside. Needless to say, some privacy was much needed.

After: I terraced the back hill to level out the lower yard. Using a mix of retaining wall materials I mimicked the curated feeling inside the home. The patio and lawns were done in clean rectangular shapes to add a modern clean feel. To provide entertaining space, I made the main patio sizable to hold a good size table as well as the BBQ. The patio's rectangular stonework in shades of grey/blue gives the patio an elegant touch that blends seamlessly with the interior finishes. After guests eat, they can now travel out over stepping stones to the cozy entertaining space with comfortable couches and a warm fire pit for evening relaxation. Traveling to this raised seating area also shows how big the yard really was. To add additional privacy, I strategically placed arbors to help provide additional intimacy to the entertaining area. The arbors will eventually become covered in sweet smelling jasmine that my clients will enjoy when they roast marshmallows over the fire in the evenings. It will become a space that they can create family memories for years to come and I feel so lucky to have been a part of it.

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