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How a Country Club Backyard was Transformed into an Inviting Family Gathering Spot

Our clients had lived in this country club home for years. They had considered moving but, in the end, decided to stay in their home and instead remodel it. They wanted their home to meet their family's needs better and that included remodeling their outdoor space. One aspect of the design that was important to our client's was creating a more indoor/outdoor living experience.

Design: The original layout of this backyard had a large deck that cut off the yard. Our client's felt very exposed when they were on the raised deck and wanted to create a more inviting and functional space to entertain and gather as a family. They also wanted garden beds, someplace to put the BBQ and a new location for the hot tub. Having space for a pool table and teen hang out area was also on their wish list.

One of the main changes we made was to install a large paver patio and remove the current deck. The new patio lowers the elevation of the entertaining area so that my clients don't feel so exposed. In addition, the paver patio helps connect all areas of the backyard allowing the entertaining space to be so much larger. The large patio now has space for a firepit, seating, and a ping pong table. In addition, changing the patio material to pavers allowed us to connect the BBQ area with the rest of the backyard. We did keep the concrete under the arbor since it was in such good shape but build two large wood planter boxes to help make a natural transition between the two areas. The planter boxes also help create another "room" in the backyard allowing for more entertaining space and specifically a "teen hang out area".

The side yard also got a face lift. We opened up the area by removing the solid fence and replacing it with a see-through fence. Horse troughs with their own irrigation systems were placed along the house while espalier fruit trees were placed along the fence. This previously rarely used side yard is now an inviting place to garden.

The hot tub was moved to the other side yard making it a much more private location. We added soft plantings, a bench and planted pottery to create a pleasant destination for the hot tub.

To finish off the backyard, we added new fencing, lawn, lighting, furniture, and lush plantings. These elements complete the overall modern aesthetic of the yard connecting it to the home's new interior design.

After: This outdoor space is now inviting, cozy and a gathering place for family and friends. By reworking the layout of the site, we were able to create a space that our clients will enjoy for years to come.

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