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How DIY Homeowners Can Avoid Making Costly Outdoor Landscaping Mistakes

Over the years I have worked with numerous partial or full DIYers on planning out their outdoor projects. I have seen areas where they have struggled and the mistakes they have made before realizing they needed help. It is always so fun to work with these homeowners and help them achieve their outdoor goals which is why I created my "Getting a Grip on Your Garden" virtual program. It gives those looking to actually tackle some or all of their yard themselves the tools they need to achieve their goal.

So what are some the mistakes that are often made?

  • Not looking at the project as a whole.

  • Limiting the yard to it’s current layout.

  • Lack of understanding of your budget & how much things will cost.

  • Not realizing the limitations associated with the site.

  • Forgetting to consider the positive environmental impact ones garden can make.

  • Not understanding how the project should best be phased in.

  • Attempting to install part or all of the project without knowing how to actually do it.

  • Unaware of what aspects of the project you can save money on & what aspects you should spend more money on.

  • Trying to copy a design that doesn't work for them or their site conditions.

All these mistakes lead to spending way too much time and money on their projects and lead to needless frustration. Projects end up not turning out the way one had hoped and even more frustration ensues. My goal with my program is to alleviate this stress and frustration and help homeowners actually achieve their yard goals.

"Getting a Grip on Your Garden" guides homeowners through my signature design process. We get to the root of what you really want and need. We come up with creative solutions for your yard to achieve a cohesive, functional and beautiful garden. I give you the low down on the pros and cons of different materials, styles and layouts. You learn how to prioritize various aspects of your yard and decide really where you want to spend money and why you are doing it. The program also gives you all the information you need to install, furnish and style your garden so that it becomes the relaxing retreat you never realized you could have in your own yard.

Click below to sign up now!

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