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Non-profit Highlight : Cal-IPC

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Cal-IPC stands for California Invasive Plant Council and it is focused on "protecting California's environment and economy from invasive plants". Cal-IPC has been around since 1992 and since its inception, it has done a wide range of work to "protect native (and often threatened or endangered) species by managing invasive plants in California."

Cal-IPC works in many ways to help remove invasive species. The non-profit has created a comprehensive database called the "California Invasive Plant Inventory" which lists the ecological impacts associated with various invasive plant species. In this inventory they provide management information as well as include plants that could become invasive that they list as "Watch" plants. This comprehensive list provides invaluable information to help land managers and homeowners alike learn more about what plants to ensure are removed from their properties. In addition, Cal-IPC also maintains the CalWeedMapper, an online decision support tool to support regional prioritization and strategic planning.

Cal-IPC advocates for funding and policy initiatives associated with strategic invasive plant control projects. They work closely with other organizations to plan, fund, and implement invasive species plant control projects. Cal-IPC also works to educate land managers, nurseries, students and gardeners by hosting symposiums, creating educational pamphlets (Don't Plant a Pest) and maintaining a website with a wealth of information about solutions, plant information and ways people can help the cause.

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