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Nonprofit Spotlight: Xerces Society

The Xerces Society ( , IG@xercessociety) is a 50 year old nonprofit organization that "protects the natural world through the conservation of invertebrates and their habitats." I love that they focus on "pollinator conservation, endangered species conservation, and reducing pesticide use and impacts." Since the Xerces Society is a science based organization all their conservation is guided by research leading to more thoughtful and overall successful conservation projects.

Being a pollinator lover myself, I especially love their 'Pollinator Protection Pledge" (Check out the link here Their pledge has "four simple principles: grow pollinator-friendly flowers, provide nest sites, avoid pesticides, and spread the word." I would recommend you check out their website for the wealth of information they have regarding all sorts of invertebrates. There are species profiles, educational resources, and ways in which you can help.

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